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Your guide to excelling at focused study

Our fast-tracked postgraduate programs are designed with busy working professionals in mind, so continue reading to find out everything you need to know about maximising your upcoming studies with the University of Adelaide.

What is focused study?

In creating online programs at the University of Adelaide, we’ve opted to offer students one subject every six weeks, as opposed to the traditional method where you’re required to study multiple subjects over 12 weeks. 

This accelerated delivery allows you to have a narrow focus and truly master one subject at a time. You will also benefit from academic staff who are also only teaching one subject at a time, making them 100% committed to your cohort.

What’s more, rest assured that you’ll still receive the same quality content that we’re renowned for delivering in our on-campus coursework.

Success requires preparation

By choosing to study online with us, you fall into the category of learner that is committed to achieving career goals sooner rather than later. Capitalise on this determination by familiarising yourself with everything you need to know about the subject before classes commence.

When you enrol, you will be able to access the Orientation Module for your program, prior to the classes commencing. Even though you may be tempted to forgo this step, we encourage you to participate in the valuable activities within the module, as they will help you familiarise yourself with your Learning Management System.

The welcome you shouldn’t ignore

When you enrol, it might feel like you’re on the receiving end of a lot of information. Whilst all communications are important, we recommend that you pay particular attention to your Welcome Pack. This resource has specifically been created for new students to give you more information about your program, our university resources and other important administrative information that you’ll require before classes commence.

In addition to this pack, we highly recommend that you prioritise booking a Welcome Call with your Student Success Advisor. Irrespective of how confident you are about your upcoming studies, this call is the ideal time to clarify any last-minute questions, put your planned study timetable to the test (or get some help creating one) as well as getting some insight about what you should focus on specifically in your upcoming subject.

Refine your study schedule

One of the best skills you can pick up in your career is the ability to test and iterate processes related to your work. When it comes to your study process, you’ll also benefit from this approach. Given the rapid pace of study over six weeks, it makes perfect sense to review your study schedule in the first week and make any improvements and enhancements as soon as possible. A great tip is to talk to other students and your Student Support Advisor for advice on what’s working well for them and how to structure your study.

These are just a few ways that you can maximise your opportunity to master accelerated study. Don’t forget, your Student Support Team can be contacted on 1300 296 648 at any time during your studies.

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