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What is the Group of Eight and how can you benefit from it?

The Group of Eight (Go8) is made up of Australia’s leading research-intensive universities. Established in 1999 under the mission of maintaining and improving academic excellence in Australia, the Go8 is made up of eight universities located in the six major metropolitan cities of Australia. The Go8 is focused on, and a leader in, influencing the development and delivery of long-term sustainable national higher education and research policy, and in developing elite international alliances and research partnerships. 


What are the benefits of being a part of the group of eight? 

As some of the oldest and largest educational institutions in Australia, the Go8 has become known for its prestige and high academic standards. The Go8 receives over 70 percent of Australian Competitive Grant (Category 1) funding and has the largest proportion of research fields rated at 4 or 5 (‘above’ or ‘well above’ world standard in the latest Excellence for Research Australia (ERA exercise). 

Each university receives a high amount of research funding and educates one-third of all postgraduate students in Australia. If you are thinking about postgraduate study, it is worthwhile considering the benefits of studying with a Go8 university.  



The Go8 not only have a high reputation in the Australian university rankings, but also around the world. This means your qualification will be globally recognised, enabling you to find a job in many different countries.  

Go8 universities educate more than half of Australia’s doctors, dentists and vets and provide some 55 per cent of Australia’s science graduates and more than 40 per cent of Australia’s engineering graduates. 

University rankings consider research quality and revenue, staff to student ratios and statistic on demographics such as number of international students. On a global scale, Go8 universities are consistently ranked in the world’s top 150 universities and the highest ranked in Australia. 

 These rankings include: 

Attending a globally recognised university will make you more desirable to an employer and help you be more competitive in the global job market. 


Experience during your studies 

Why do rankings matter? Employers tend to use rankings to source graduates. A university with a good reputation for innovation and strong global industry ties will help you build the experience needed to enter the workforce. 

The University of Adelaide, one of the Go8 universities, is an example of this. Ranked South Australia’s #1 university for graduate employability, the University of Adelaide is renowned for being an international institution that embraces future research and teaching aspirations.  

Through the universities world-class teaching and an industry-informed curriculum, students will gain the expertise required in their chosen field and acquire the skills to excel as a graduate.  


High standards of research and teaching 

As part of being in Australia’s top universities, the Go8 focus on the connection between teaching and research. This leads to an advanced curriculum with the latest thinking and research-based learning, producing a high standard of education to its students. Because of this active research, the academic staff who work for these institutions are experts in their respective fields.  

Almost 70% of Australia's research comes from the Go8 and impacts the world with their contribution to fields including healthcare, cyber security and agriculture. The University of Adelaide, is home to six Research Institutes that bring together world leading researchers to support modern infrastructure and innovative culture, tackling state and national research priorities.  

One of these includes the Australian Institute for Machine Learning (AIML), which aims to lead initiatives in the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision. Studying with a Go8 university such as the University of Adelaide, will give you the opportunity to be exposed to this kind or research and perhaps even contribute to its initiatives. 


Successful alumni  

The Go8 is renowned for delivering quality graduates, with their student success and retention rates being above the Australian average. A number of the Go8 alumni have taken up senior positions in Australia and other countries.  

This is evident in the Go8 directly supporting more than 50,000 jobs, including employing: 

  • 47% of the sector’s academic staff, 
  • 40% of its professional staff, and; 
  • 80% of the Australian-educated Chief Executives of the nation's top companies. 

Several Australian Nobel prize winners and Australian prime ministers have also been educated at a Go8 university. The University of Adelaide has had 110 Rhodes Scholars and five Nobel Laureates, proving the quality of the institutes teaching and researching training. Choosing to study with a Go8 institute like the University of Adelaide means you will have access to a network of successful alumni. 


Choosing the right university for you 

With high rankings, ample research opportunities and strong industry connections, choosing to study with a Go8 university will help progress your academic and professional career. When considering which university is the right choice for you, it is important to determine your goals and what you are hoping to achieve with your studies.  

As a member of the Go8, the University of Adelaide has earned a reputation for excellence in education and research and continues to attract leading academics of international distinction.  

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