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What Do You Learn in an MBA?

Studying for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a well-known pathway towards enhancing your skills, knowledge and career prospects. The potential benefits of pursuing an MBA are immense for ambitious professionals looking to take the next step in their career or increase their earning potential. However, it’s also true that completing an MBA requires a significant investment of time and money. 

If you’ve been asking yourself ‘Is an MBA worth it?’, or whether to get an MBA now or later, this guide will help you find an answer based on your career goals and desired skills. We’ll walk through the different reasons people decide to do an MBA, as well as the key skills you’ll learn after enrolling in our 100% online MBA for working professionals.


Why do an MBA?

When considering who would benefit from an MBA and what the advantages are, there are a range of scenarios where this type of degree can provide a significant boost towards reaching both your career and personal goals. 

Here are just a few of the best reasons to do an MBA:

  • To help kickstart a career change: Estimates suggest that the average Australian will have 13 jobs in their lifetime, so it’s no wonder that career changes are on the rise. Undertaking an MBA degree is an excellent choice if you’re looking to change occupation or industry as having this qualification provides you with superior transferable skills and enhanced credibility.
  • To facilitate academic progression: If you’re interested in utilising your business acumen to build a career in academia, completing a postgraduate degree in the form of an MBA is an ideal first step towards becoming a tutor, lecturer or researcher.
  • To equip yourself to become an entrepreneur: Starting your own business requires financial and management knowledge as well as a robust professional network - you will learn all three of these necessities when doing an MBA.
  • To give yourself a leg up on the career ladder: If you’re looking to move into management or up into the C suite, an MBA can give you the edge you need to win these coveted positions.
  • To build trusted networks: Advantages of doing an MBA include the opportunity to network amongst likeminded individuals, tutors and experienced alumni. A professional network is valuable to gaining knowledge and visibility in the industry.

What does an MBA teach you?

Now you know about the advantages of studying an MBA, let’s drill down into what you actually learn in this degree. Keep reading to discover how the University of Adelaide online MBA teaches you valuable skills you’ll use every day. With a curriculum designed for the fast-paced and ever-changing 21st-century business world, the only question is when to do an MBA, not if.

1. Time management

Unless you decide to take a career break, it’s likely studying for an MBA will require you to balance working and studying at the same time. Our online MBA is split into 12 courses completed individually, helping you improve your time management skills.

2. Leadership

Our MBA program teaches leadership skills through a socially responsible and future-focused lens. You’ll learn how to be an ethical leader with the skills to mobilise people to face important business and societal challenges.

3. Social responsibility

Business leaders have ethical obligations both towards those they lead, and society at large. That’s why we’ve integrated learnings around ethical decision making, positive workplace cultures and emotional self-awareness - to help you become a socially responsible leader.

4. Business strategy

Subjects like Strategic Alignments highlight the important role leaders play in strategic development. You’ll learn how to turn vision into action and motivate stakeholders towards a common goal.

5. Entrepreneurial skills

Our online MBA teaches an entrepreneurial mindset that can benefit everyone, not just those working startups. You’ll learn to recognise opportunities, be agile in your decision making and be resilient in the face of uncertainty. 

6. Personal development

An MBA isn’t just about your work life, it’s also about developing personal qualities that will benefit you in multiple facets of life. You’ll be better equipped to handle your personal finances, identify risks and plan for your future. 


Complete your MBA from home with the University of Adelaide

If any of the reasons to do an MBA struck a chord with you, it’s worth taking a look at the Master of Business Administration Online at the University of Adelaide. This 100% online MBA degree offers an innovative and supportive digital learning environment, allowing you to make your next move while continuing to work. 

Want to learn more about this program? Read our guide to the top 10 things to know about the University of Adelaide’s online MBA. Alternatively, you can book a call to discuss program options with one of our expert advisors. 

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