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Positive Thinking Can Take You a Long Way

Formulating goals is key to studying and succeeding. However, the hardest part isn’t identifying your objectives but in fact having the right thought process towards achieving those goals. Having positive thinking, incentives and strategies is what will help you remain calm during stressful periods and give you the ability to focus on the challenges ahead.  

How to activate positive thinking?

Positive thinking is productive thinking. When it comes to positive thinking going back to the basics can take you a long way. An easy and classic thought process that works in most situations is the glass “half full” or “half empty” method. For instance, when you look at a glass of water filled half way, do you see it half full or half empty? Using this tactic is a good way to draw you back to your study goals and achievements - remembering why you enjoy studying or what positive gains you will get from studying.

Why is positive thinking important for online students?

Due to the flexibility of online studying, you’re required to be more strategic with your time management, more than students who study on campus. This is where self-management and positive thinking can help overcome stressful situations and put you on the right path for a great grade. For example, something unexpected may happen in your personal life or life may get a bit too busy. It’s in these situations that it’s easy to ignore studying and think of it negatively. Having your end goals in mind, will help you stay motivated and maintain a positive attitude. 

Don’t forget to seek positive thinking tools

Remember you’re not alone and probably not the only one that has faced challenges with online studying. Your student success advisor is experienced and has great advice on how to manage time, as well as being able to help you with a study plan. If you’re facing challenges or just want to talk through your worries, please feel free to book in a time with your student success advisor. 

Also, it may be online studying but your peers are available through your MyUni inbox and through the discussions tab on the left-hand menu of your course. Your peers might be experiencing the same challenges as you. Why not reach out, find out what tools they use to support themselves through studying online, a problem shared is a problem halved.

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