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Nazzeef Nazri Online MDS Alumni Interview

Data & Analytics Manager Nazzeef Nazri is finishing his University of Adelaide Master of Data Science Online in 2022 and is already benefiting from the skills gained through real-world learning. 

Nazzeef Nazri An Online MDS student at University of Adelaide'Because of what I'm able to do, I'm now highly visible within my company as my work is so impactful'. 


Unleash a dynamic data science career

Nazzeef previously studied law at the University of Adelaide and has worked as a lawyer in both Malaysia and Australia, Nazzeef decided to follow his passion for data science and start his Master of Data Science in 2020. He was initially drawn to the world of data science after collaborating with data analysts in his previous company.

Since studying the Master of Data Science, Nazzeef has mastered a range of sophisticated data science tools through real-world learning and has already implemented a range of these skills into his current role. ‘One of the things that I find interesting is the way that people think data analytics is magic’, he said. ‘I’m able to marry my knowledge of regulatory compliance and data science in my day-to-day job.’

‘Since going through the program I’ve been fortunate enough to rotate through a range of roles and gained a lot of exposure to a range of projects, banking crimes and data scientists.’


Limitless lifestyle flexibility

With the flexibility offered by our Master of Data Science Online, Nazzeef was able to start his study in Malaysia prior to moving back to Australia to continue studying there. ‘I prefer online learning as well, because of that flexibility, you're able to learn at any time.’

Due to the online nature of the Master of Data Science, there are many ways students can access their course. ‘I like that I can use my phone to check updates on the app then check course materials on my laptop.’ Nazzeef can also continue this flexible lifestyle by working remotely in his current role. ‘I can go into the office when I want but have the freedom to work remotely, still deliver some really cool stuff and work with people across Australia online’, he said.


Opportunity to connect with a range of industry professionals

An element of the course that Nazzeef found to be beneficial was learning directly from data scientists who are at the forefront of the field. ‘I’m a naturally inquisitive person and the drop-in sessions allowed me to interview the tutors about their day jobs and the data they use, which is interesting and also opens doors’, he said. ‘They cover the curriculum, but they also have so much additional knowledge due to their industry experience that you can tap into.’

Nazzeef also enjoyed the role diversity of those undertaking an Master of Data Science and how they related their industry to the course. ‘I do quite enjoy having other students coming from different industries and sharing their backgrounds, what their challenges are, and how they relate the course materials. I get to see everything from their perspective as well’, he said. ‘The courses cater to everyone.’


Expand your technical data skills

Through the Master of Data Science, you will be able to extract meaningful information by manipulating real-world, messy data sets with Python and R. ‘Students can choose the type of topics or the projects that they want to work on. It’s an interesting way to learn coding,’ he said.


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