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How to Optimise Your Time Online

Since you’ve only just begun your online study journey, now is the perfect time to get organised and figure out whether your study schedule is right for you.

We’ve collated three quick tips to help you to gain control of your time online and make your study experience smoother. 

Prioritise your strengths

Take control of your skills and strengths and match those to the program requirements.

Make sure you ask yourself these questions: 

  • How do I work best?
  • Where should my energy and time be divided?
  • If I am struggling, what does support look like for me?

Break up tasks

Rather than tackling a study requirement such as an assignment head on, order specific tasks within the project in size from small to large. Add a rough time frame for each task and you will make headway into creating a more manageable process.

Obtain resources and tips

Everyone needs resources and support in life. If you’re finding the workload or material affecting your performance, ask your lecturer or peers for advice on how to get on top of your assessments.

The University of Adelaide library’s ‘How Do I?’ Guides is a great place to find useful resources, suggestions and tips. If you’re looking for more personalised assistance your student success advisor can help you design a personalised study plan.

If you ever need support or just want some useful study tips, get in touch with your student success advisor on 1300 296 648 and they can give you the guidance you need.

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