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How To Pass Your Assessments And Prepare Properly

The biggest hurdle when studying are assessments - keeping on top of everything and trying to receive good grades. Here are sustainable techniques you can use to keep up the quality of your assessments throughout your studies. 

Learn how to reference accordingly 

Referencing can be a difficult concept to wrap your head around and get right. There are serious consequences for plagiarism, even if it’s done by mistake. By familiarising yourself with your course’s referencing style early, it will help you later down the track when you’re trying to focus purely on your assessment and ideas. 

Have a few practise runs, chat to your course coordinator about referencing and always triple check your references. 

Put time aside to edit

Getting marked down for silly mistakes like grammar and spelling can be simply avoided by always making time for feedback and final edits. This tactic will help improve your grade significantly and could be what acquires you a high distinction. 

Grammarly is a fantastic tool you can use to check a range of things like excessive word use, spelling and punctuation faults - and by getting a couple of peers to give you feedback on your work, will eliminate those small and avoidable errors. 

Pre-prepare for assessment tasks

Get familiar with your assessment tasks in advance and start mapping out topics, research and references. Discuss these concepts with your course coordinator or peers to help you bounce ideas around and make sure you’re on the right track. So when it comes to working on your assessment, you’ll be able to dive straight into the ideas and focus on what is required.

Always re-read the assessment instructions - before, during and after. Understanding simple assessment directions such as ‘compare’, ‘examine’ and ‘analyse’ will make a huge difference to the quality and outcome of your assessment. 

By checking that you’ve completed the steps above before submitting your assessment, you’ll know you’re ready to turn it in for a great mark.

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